Custom Applications

Custom web applications

Built to improve and streamline processes.

Off-the-shelf applications have their place, but imagine how a custom application would streamline your business processes.

Visualise how it will improve your workflow, save you time, boost productivity and support a more profitable business. Add to this the benefits as it improves and successfully integrates with your existing legacy systems.

Project examples.

Rewarding experiences, 
better business.

We pride ourselves on high-quality UI design, excellent client communication and realistic timescales when building custom applications such as:

  • Referral systems to gather and report on vital data
  • Members only online ordering systems with ERP integration
  • Intranets using cloud based services like Azure AD
  • Specialist web applications linking your website and CRM/ERP
  • Warehouse and visitor management solutions
  • Media libraries and digital asset management (DAM)

Does your application need to work on desktops, phones, tablets or large touchscreen monitors? Whatever the device, look forward to fast, intuitive, rewarding user experiences. Whatever your objective, our experience as custom web application developers means we help you do better business – whatever the device.

Challenging processes,
improving efficiency.

Thoroughly understanding your business is the key to designing your successful application. We start with your needs and requirements, always challenging your existing processes to improve efficiency.

Since 1996, we’ve continuously refined our development process to give you the best possible solution. You benefit from a process that’s as straightforward as possible — a seamless progression of effective meetings, precise planning and clear wireframe prototypes. And a focused flow of project management, development planning, user testing and trouble-free custom app deployment.

You won’t be the first client to discover how we: streamline and improve business processes, integrate with older legacy systems and create bespoke reporting tools.

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Whether you’re a marketing or sales director an IT or office manager, we can help.

Our experience means we’ve dealt with people in your position for over 25 years, so we’ve seen many of the items on your 'to do list' time and time again.